Training the next generation of socially and emotionally intelligent leaders.

A leadership development program steeped in Social Emotional Learning concepts.

When a young woman knows herself, can relate to others and knows her purpose she is unstoppable!

#StrongGirls™ is a Keitt Institute specialized empowerment experience designed exclusively for High School Junior and Senior young women that are hungry to know themselves and to tap into their power. 

In sessions filled with conversation, training, exercises, reflection, interaction, and teaching, young women have their lives unlocked in order to realize their unique contribution to the world! We are extremely proud of the young ladies that are part of the #StrongGirls™ community! These Juniors and Seniors represent different countries, different nationalities, and ethnicities. We are excited to see first hand just how powerful this program is for young women who come from different backgrounds.

Program Objectives

After finishing the #StrongGirls Program students will be able to…

Module 1: Personal Exploration

  • List their top 5 character strengths

  • Give practical examples of when they use those strengths on a routine basis

  • Describe their personality blend

  • Summarize the strengths of their personality blend

  • Create strategies to combat their blind spots and other’s misconceptions of their personality

  • Distinguish between thier public and private persona

Module 2: Mastering Emotions

  • Analyze their current state of emotional intelligence

  • Explain how emotions develop

  • Accurately identify the emotions they feel most often

  • Evaluate the impact their thoughts have on the emotions they feel most often

  • Formulate a plan to use their character strengths to generate positive emotions and express their emotions appropriately

  • Create a plan of action for managing their emotions during times of stress

Module 3: Establishing Healthy Relationships

  • Differentiate between the three main qualities of love

  • Evaluate their readiness to be in a healthy, long-term relationship

  • Describe the characteristics of healthy relationships, evaluate the health of their key relationships, and design a plan for improvement based on their assessments

  • Examine present and past relationships for signs of abuse and can create a plan of action if they believe that someone is being abused

  • Assess which ways of empowered communication they need to implement to best communicate their wants, needs, and desires in relationships


Module 4: Developing Healthy Habits

  • Create self-care goals that address their emotional, character, physical, academic, and relational needs

  • Analyze the impact race and culture have on their feelings about beauty and can work collaboratively to develop strategies that help us appreciate the differences between us and understand that we are all necessary

  • Create visual and written representations of their confidence based on what they have learned about themselves

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#StrongGirls a Keitt Institute Initiative

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